What is "ART"?

"ART" - Advanced Rider Training

For more than 15 years, ART performance riding schools have trained riders ranging from street riders to serious racers, giving them skills that provided more confidence, control, safety and FUN!


Offered at all events. Required for all first time track riders

ART Level 1 is required for all riders that have never ridden a motorcycle on a track before. Held in conjunction with Team Pro-Motion track day. Students receive the same amount of on-track sessions as all participants.

ART-Level 1 students will learn all the basic skills necessary to get on the track in the safest, most fun way possible. Track riding is quite different from street riding and certain important factors should be understood prior to moving on to riding solo. The techniques taught in ART Level I may improve your handling and certainly your confidence level for street riding. No track time will be missed for students taking this school.


Performance Skill and Safety Training Seminars

ART UPSHIFT training will now be offered to novice and intermediate level track participants as part of each track event activity. Training will start directly after the morning riders meeting where specific highly developed training methods will be discussed in a classroom prior to each on-track riding session

ART Race

Certification School will provide a student who follows the general guidelines and shows proper acknowledgement of the material being presented with certification to purchase a CCS license upon completing and passing the course. Rider and machine requirements and compliance will be necessary. CCS rules and regulations along with procedures, flags, safety along with riding and racing strategy will be covered. Motorcycle preparation, basic suspension and geometry theory and overall racing mentality, will complete this course.

RIDER REQUIREMENTS Motorcycles must be free from fluid leaks and in good operational condition. Throttle action must be free and snap back to the closed position. An operational kill switch is required. Lights, turn signals, mirrors and any street racks must be removed. Center and side stands must be removed. Rear fenders or seat sections must extend to meet the rear axle. No aluminum or carbon rotors will be accepted. All oil, coolant or fuel carrying lines must be safety wired, clipped, clamped or other approved methods. Crank case venting must be routed to a catch can of no less than 350 cc capacity or in the air box. Battery and radiator overflow lines may be routed to a separate container. Oil drain, fill and spin on filters must be safety wired and secure. No ethylene glycol coolant allowed. Valve caps are required.


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